Want to know how your PE fund can get started with ESG?

We offer expert help

We recognize ESG programs are not one size 

fits all. Our approach enables expert help 

only when you need it most.

Our well-defined guided process gets you started quickly

Consist of individuals with deep knowledge and expertise in 

ESG program execution

Learn about your objectives and key considerations at the firm and portfolio company level. If needed, assist in stakeholder identification and interviews

Draft discussion guides and/or participate in stakeholder interviews and interview synthesis to set objectives & goals. Advise on material impacts and best practices

If benchmarking is desired, our analysts will recommend the desired benchmarks

Assist ESG leads in selection of final metrics at the firm and portfolio company level based on identified objectives and goals

Get the most out of your report by aligning with industry standard formats, like GRI

The assistance you need will be based on your stage and desired outcomes. 

Reduce the burden on all partcipants

Setting ESG policy requires an understanding of ESG, your firm’s DNA, LP requirements, business risks, and market standards and best practices. Improving ESG performance also involves in-depth knowledge of key levers and operations.

While there is no silver bullet to digitally address all these challenges, VeroESG, uniquely uses an optimal mix of expert-led services and solutions to reduce the 

burden on all participants.

Ready to start?

Learn how we can tailor an ESG solution to meet your needs.

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