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ESG, untangled.

Easily prioritize, collect, and report ESG data with a platform built for private equity. Use insights to add value to your private equity portfolio companies
— even without a dedicated team.

What Customers Are Saying

"I think this captures a lot of what we need... This probably is more than what most clients need, and that's good because then this is how we pull everything together for them.”

“[Vero] fits pretty well with where we are at this point. If we can track, report, and compare, that's great. We hope to grow and with growth, we need to be more efficient with our processes.”

“This is super intuitive and looks easy to use... It's really helping guide me through the unknown to get to the KPIs that should be tracked and how to track them.”

Vice PresidentUS ESG Strategy Consultancy

Compliance AssociateUS PE Firm, $4.7bn AUM

Head of Investor Relations US PE Firm, $2bn AUM

ESG, Untangled. Watch how VeroESG helps untie the knots.

Explore how Vero streamlines ESG to identify risks and opportunities across your firm's investments. Spend less time on reporting and more time raising capital for your next fund.

Streamline ESG processes

Set, track, and report on the right KPIs for your portfolio companies.

Achieve ESG balance

Tailor your ESG data collection to your investment strategy. Know when and how to pivot to avoid lagging indicators.

Apply ESG to increase ROI

Benchmark your portfolio companies’ ESG results. Attract LPs’ capital and
secure long-term growth.

Download Integrating ESG:
A Guide for Private Equity

ESG is no longer optional for private equity. Limited Partners, consumers, employees and regulatory bodies all increasingly look to understand not only what a company does but also how they do it. Gain an edge over your competitors by implementing an efficient, clear process for ESG data collection, management, aggregation, benchmarking, and reporting.

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