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Simplifying ESG for Private Equity

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Our unique approach combines a user-friendly platform with on demand 

expert-led services, enabling you to seamlessly develop and execute a 

holistic ESG program with confidence.

Build Confidence at Any Stage of Your ESG Journey 

Using an optimal mix of expert-led services and our easy-to-use platform, VeroESG guides you through each step of your ESG journey, no matter where you are today. 




VeroESG will help you develop policies and select metrics that deliver value to your stakeholders.

Easily distribute and collect accurate data with guided questionnaires that anyone can understand and answer. 

Our analytics and dashboards help you calculate, measure and report your progress against objectives, standards and regulations with ease and confidence. 

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A Guide for Private Equity

ESG is no longer optional for private equity. Limited Partners, consumers, employees and regulatory bodies all increasingly look to understand not only what a company does but also how they do it. Gain an edge over your competitors by implementing an efficient, clear process for ESG data collection, management, aggregation, benchmarking, and reporting.

We did the heavy lifting, so you don't have to

Streamline ESG management for all stakeholders across 

all phases of the ESG lifecycle 

We understand the nuanced obstacles for Private Equity and Venture Capital. While there is no silver bullet for addressing all ESG challenges, our dedicated network of ESG advisors and technology specialists is relentlessly focused on helping you implement the optimal program.

Build confidence in your ESG efforts 

We’ve gathered a network of best-in-class advisors to answer your questions and inform our platform, providing you with unparalleled expertise and confidence that you’ve got it covered. 

For anyone at any stage 

We understand if ESG is not your firm’s top priority. Our platform is designed for teams of any size and all levels of maturity.

The VeroESG Platform

ESG is as much a qualitative, as it is a quantitative endeavor, so we’ve designed a solution that offers both technology-enabled efficiency and on-demand ESG advisory when needed. 

Here’s what you can expect:

Expert Coaching

SaaS Solution 

What Customers Are Saying

"I think this captures a lot of what we need... This probably is more than what most clients need, and that's good because then this is how we pull everything together for them.”

“[Vero] fits pretty well with where we are at this point. If we can track, report, and compare, that's great. We hope to grow and with growth, we need to be more efficient with our processes.”

“This is super intuitive and looks easy to use... It's really helping guide me through the unknown to get to the KPIs that should be tracked and how to track them.”

Vice PresidentUS ESG Strategy Consultancy

Compliance AssociateUS PE Firm, $4.7bn AUM

Head of Investor Relations US PE Firm, $2bn AUM

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