ESG is no longer optional for Private Equity firms.

Limited Partners, consumers, employees and regulatory bodies all have a growing need to understand not only what a company does to make money, but how they do it – making ESG not only necessary for Private Equity, but smart investing. Unfortunately, most PE firms lack ESG data best practices thus placing their investments at growing risk – regulatory, compliance, cybersecurity, and reputational, to name a few.

VeroESG untangles ESG data management, reporting, benchmarking, and data aggregation by removing friction and creating efficiency in your business in meaningful ways, giving your firm an edge over your competitors.

Who we are

VeroESG is a team of diverse entrepreneurs, software technologists, insurance underwriters, and risk managers with deep passion, expertise, and experience with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). We believe that doing the right thing can drive growth, reduce risks, and convey confidence to limited partners and investors. That’s why we work every day to help your investment firm and portfolio companies to gain insight into performance KPIs, tell your ESG stories effectively, and help you better manage risk, raise capital, and increase value.

Who we help

VeroESG supports investment executives and management teams with the need or the will to consider and respond to ESG factors. Whether you are a Managing Partner, Head of Investor Relations, Head of ESG, Compliance Manager, Operations Partner or a Business Operator at a portfolio company, VeroESG can help you effectively and efficiently achieve your goals.

How we help

The VeroESG software platform provides an end-to-end solution that streamlines the collection and management of ESG performance data — analyzing and addressing ESG risk exposures and delivering relevant information to key stakeholders.

Built on Munich Re infrastructure, renowned as the Cyber Reinsurer of the Year for five consecutive years, our proprietary solution ensures that collected ESG data is safe and secure, and empowers GPs to act quickly, create impact, and deliver value to the organization and investors.

Ready to start?

Learn how we can tailor an ESG solution to meet your needs.

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